My Story

http://orostream.co.uk/mechanical-electrical/ Back in middle school, my class had to go through a Physical Fitness test; Apple Valley Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, etc. I was almost at the end of the line and the person before me did a total of 26 Pull-Ups.

Ivermectin buy cheap Then it was my turn, I was in a dead hang for at least a minute and could feel the eyes judging me. I don’t think the word embarrassed even remotely scratches the surface. Little did I know, one moment would open my eyes to the HEART of my challenges with physical fitness. 

When it comes to getting in shape, thousands of us frantically search for those quick and easy diet trends that promise to help us shed those unwanted pounds in a matter of weeks. But the human body is a complex machine. A machine that is constantly in motion, wether it’s building muscle, burning fat or healing damaged cells. 

Once you understand how your body works, then your dream physique will be within reach.