The Robin's Song Plot: A hearing-impaired painter  struggles with his purpose in life until he meets an ex-ballerina by chance, who is haunted by her past. 

visit this site right here Role: Scott

Why Pretend?

Plot: Thomas, a tortured musician battles addiction as he makes an attempt to return back to the stage.

Role: Thomas


Plot: Two men set off on foot to travel the USA in hopes to enter their names in the history books. 

Role: Michael Lowell


The Final Kiss

Plot: A woman visits her ex-fiancee in the mental hospital after a horrific accident.

Role: Henri


Plot: After a woman is wrongfully admitted to a sanitarium, a group of people search for her brother and his invisible rabbit; Harvey.

Role: Duane Wilson


Plot: A story about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

Role: Captain Hook/Slightly

Princess Pajama Party

Plot: A slumber party turns into a night to remember when a fairy tale comes to life. 

Role: Prince Charming



Plot: A informercial about the benifits of closed caption on TV. Hearing impared or not. 


MasterClass - Ron Howard

 Ron Howard teaches his method to directing an award winning film. 

MasterClass - Samuel L Jackson

Acadamy Award Winner Samuel L Jackson talks about his acting techniques and gives tips to understanding the craft. 

Dener Center For The Performing Arts

Course: Intro To Acting

Teacher: Jada Dixon

Denver Center For The Performing Arts

Course: Acting On Camera 1

Teacher: Kirkaldy Myers

Colorado School of Acting

Course: Acting For Camera

Teacher: Elizabeth Kersall Horne

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